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SMART WORK CO-ORDINATING SDN BHD is a Malaysian private limited company providing civil construction, mechanical engineering installation and management serviced related to the maintenance works and manpower supply from general workers to skill workers to do operation and maintenance the  production line-related matters. SMART WORK is formed in 2005 by a team of experienced professionals within the Industrial, oil & gas and marine services.

In today’s business environment, such a service has to be flexible as well as professionally solid.  Recognizing this, we approach to suit the exact needs of a client and so offering a choice of a comprehensive package of industrial, marine structure, civil and mechanical engineering construction technology development services or specialist assistance as required.

SMART WORK has the resources and experience as service provider for the following:

1.    Tug and barge to transporting aggregate, amour rock and steam coal.
2.    The oil tanker c/w heater to transporting the crude palm oil, palm olein, RBD palm oil and palm stearin.
3.    Oil tanker to transporting the petrol and diesel oil.
4.    Accommodation work barge and supply boat for offshore oil and gas projects.

SMART WORK also as commodities trader of sand, aggregate, amour rock, quarry dust for the raw material in development industries. Supply steam coal for power energy. Crude palm oil and processed palm oil for local and export market.       

SMART WORK organization embodies the values of impartiality, independence and professionalism, aiming to bring the vital element of certainly and economy to the risk-laden world of business.

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